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Lagoon Villa Retreat

P300 Lagoon Villa RetreatSuch are some of the current expressions of what it means to live by the sea – basic materials, simple amenities, pared-down decoration, and uncomplicated expectations, befitting exposure to the raw energy of the ocean. Whether you live in a city flat, a town house or an industrial loft, far from the shore, this concept proves that, in the end, it is not a matter of travel, not about summer holidays or long-haul flights.


P300 Lagoon Villa Retreat by nightIt is the inspirational qualities of this new spirit which are the subject-matter of this development – the passion for the shoreline, the beach, the coast, the water, the environment, the architecture and artefacts that accompany them. In other words, a sea-view – a refreshingly simple solution to a less complicated way of life.


P300 Lagoon Villa Retreat decorDecorative day-bed beneath an awning, creating a scene of voluptuous luxury; in a scene of the utmost serenity and tranquillity; all these potent images evoke the enchantment of being and living.




P300 Lagoon Villa retreat innTo buy your own paradise on earth please contact Ghana Green Coast Company today!

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