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About Ghana Green Coast Company

Ghana CoastThe Ghana Green Coast Company (GGCC) offers second homes with a global concept that is unique in – Hotel, Residential Properties and Resorts - to let you enjoy the spirit of Ghana regularly according to own preferences, but also as a perfect investment.

From coastal hamlet or summer vial retreat above the waters of the Lagoon, to lonely waterfront outposts on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the diverse pleasures of living by the sea are almost invariably accompanied by a sense of well-being, of freshness in life.

Those of us who select a life by water may still choose from lake, river or seaside locations and the different lifestyles they dictate. Our homes and hotels are clearly intended to be places of pure escape. Isolated cottages, villas with verandas and terrace looking out to the ocean, apartments in sea-front towns, individualized hotel units. They all constitute tempting alternatives to the pressures of city life. Evoke the experience of living and staying by the sea in heavenly locations of the world we offer. Their variety is considerable; their common factor is that they are all alluring

GGCC Properties are the creation and scenes of serenity and tranquillity.

In a scene of the utmost serenity and tranquillity; all these potent investment evoke the enchantment of being and living. People will never cease to be drawn to coastal areas, invigorated by the sheer energy of the water or calmed by the movement of the tides.

And then there are the simple, seductive experiences to be enjoyed: stepping out in the early morning to walk barefoot in the sand; picking up an unusual seashell, smooth pebble, or a handful of driftwood; the luxury of a candle-lit picnic on the beach at dusk; a wedding ceremony on the seashore.