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Missions and Values

The primary objectives of GGCC Real Estates, Hotels & Resorts next to making profit and giving back to the people and the environment is to balance YIELD and SUSTAINABILITY.


Business and Leisure, Recreation and Tourism in Ghana, the only inhabited and habitable land at the most central part of the world (latitude zero and longitude zero), has been rejuvenated by large-scale private investment.

I. People, Planet, Profit = Prosperity
The project appreciates and adds value to the perceived needs of our target market segments (profit), while reinforcing our ties with the environment (planet), and the (people) in the communities we do business.
The project concept enshrines our vision and strategic focus on balance between yield and sustainability

II. Social Mission
The project will create and accelerate social and economic development. It will create jobs and employment; facilitate our objective of achieving a sustainable self-reinforcing economic cycle within the Communities.

III. Environmental Mission
Our sustainable energy systems coupled with environmental friendly and cost-saving utility systems are carefully and as realistically as possible integrated in design and implementation to save on cost and maintenance, as a result yielding equity on investment for our investors and clients and protect the environment.

IV. Customer Mission
Our Customer is Family, our Care. The ultimate goal is to assist both homeowners, as well as guests, by providing them with technologically sustainable villas, professional and personal assistance. Ensuring customer’s best interest is always of the utmost importance.
GGCC will provide de client with safe, quality housing that provides state-of-the-art amenities at competitive prices.

Missions and Values