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Our Development Concept

Real estate is an informational business. Successful property investment is about achieving the highest return on your equity with the least risk. Our mission is to help our clients discover the property hotspots in Accra and Central Region in Ghana before the word is out.

Ghana Green Coast Company(GGCC Real Estates, Hotels & Resorts) will “balance YIELD and Sustainability”. Our primary objective at GGCC is based on the people, planet and profit = Prosperity Principe. This is achieved through

GGCC Real Estate, Hotels & Resorts develops and provides high-quality and comfortable resort villa units in hotspots in Accra and central Region in Ghana.

GGCC’s villas offer state-of-the-art living conditions reflective of the rapid advancements in technology and a growing need for quality housing and recreation in Ghana. Our company is dedicated to a hassle free living environment in which our guests and owners can enjoy all of the benefits of safe, attractive, and inviting sustainable villa units.

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